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About Us

As a parent I'm sure you are familiar when an older child is given their first mobile phone. The child promises to look after it and not lose it. The inevitable happens. The child explains they were running to see a friend and it fell out of their pocket. Now the screen is shattered and needs fixing.

This is the fun part (or not). A quick search on Google brings up mainly stores which sell brand new phones etc. For the mostpart a child's 1st phone is unlikely to be a new Iphone X. It maybe an Iphone 5/6 or Galaxy s5 for example. The job to replace the screen is a relatively straight forward one for an experienced technician and would probably be fixed within an hour or so.

The listings presented to by Google often don't list the technican we require and only through a lot of clicking and scrolling can we began to find the repair place we need.

There has to be a better way ...

That's where we come in. At PhonesFixed4u we aim to be able to find a technician local to you or your place of work and get you reconnected. Not only do you need to be reconnected, but you expect to pay a fair price for the repair. If it sounds too cheap then alarm bells should be ringing (even if your phone isn't). If the cost sounds too good to be true then are they using cheap parts? You may be back within a couple of weeks with a screen that no longer responds to touch or the colours don't look right.